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Social Media Strategy

A Social Media Strategy Will Transform Your Social Media Marketing
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Success on social media starts with a social media strategy. It’s the secret sauce behind every successful online business.

How a Successful Social Media Strategy Works

As the owner of Blue Ocean Biz I deliver a consultative approach to social media marketing for small business. I do not believe in the one size fit’s all, cookie cutter approach. I believe in delivering a tailor-made strategy. One that is designed to fit your unique business.

If you are like many of today’s small business owners you may have a limited understanding of how social media works to achieve business goals. You may struggle with content, knowing how to maximise your time and whether it delivers a return on your time and money investment.

A comprehensive social media strategy reveals all this. Like a roadmap guiding you to social media success, it provides a real understanding of how social media works for your business and your customers, and what needs to be done to achieve your online goals and objectives.

Achieving success with social media marketing requires a clear plan. One that aligns with your business goals and objectives, and creates a framework from which you can plan, optimise and execute your communication strategy.


The development of your strategy is a consultative process, one that requires a bit of your time and my time. Time well spent in understanding your business, your target market, your goals and objectives, and how social media will be implemented in your business.

Once you have your strategy, you are on your way. A strategy makes the social media journey easier for you.


A successful social media strategy has many benefits. It will enable you to:

 *  Define and attract your target market

 *  Outline your business goals and objectives and illuminate ways to achieve them

 *  Know what social media platforms and tools to use

 *  Plan your content to target the outcomes you want to achieve

 *  Define how your messages will be delivered

 *  Create engagement and increase connections

 *  Get more leads in your sales funnels

 *  Strengthen your brand identity, and

 *  Determine how your business will integrate and embrace social media marketing


Align a Social Media Strategy to Your Social Media Marketing and You Will

1.     Increase Brand Awareness

2.     Connect and engage with Customers and Prospects

3.     Reach a New Audience

4.    Increase Market Share

5.    Improve Customer Service

6.    Connect with People from Around the World

7.    Establish Your Business as Industry Experts

8.    Expand Your Professional Network


An effective social media strategy will lead to better results because

!  Your goals have a direction

!  You can target the outcomes you want to achieve

!   You will save time on execution, and

!  You will know how successful your campaigns are.

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